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VSFTPd problem


I have a problem with vsftpd. While users can login and download, they
cannot upload to their home directories. What I've done is this.

1. Clean install of FC4 then updated. 
2. Edited the vsftpd.conf file to disallow all anon attempts
3. Created a new test account and wrote a test file for that account
(hello world in a text file!)
4. Restarted vsftpd
5. From another machine, logged in.
6. Downloaded a test file.
7. Attempt to delete test file on the server, no go
8. Attempt to write a file to the the server, no go

I've never had this problem before with vsftpd and am using the default
security settings (firewall on, set for ftp, www, ssh and ntp ports to
be open and SELinux to be nice).

Second to this, how do I get it to allow passive transfers? proftpd
seemed to do this by default (IIRC), but I can't get vsftpd to do it.

Any help would be appreciated and if you're in the Salford area of
Manchester, beer provided :-)


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