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Re: Installing mod_perl

Am Di, den 06.09.2005 schrieb Albert A. Modderkolk um 18:59:

> I am running FC4 and Apache 2.0.54.
> Installation instructions say:
>  % perl Makefile.PL MP_APXS=$HOME/httpd/prefork/bin/apxs

Why do you try to compile your own? mod_perl comes with Fedora Core as

> where MP_APXS is the full path to the apxs executable, normally found in
> the same directory as the httpd executable, but could be put in a
> different path as well.
> I can't find such a path.  No apxs library, no prefork, etc...  Where
> should I install it???

yum install httpd-devel

> Tia, Albert


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