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Re: installing on USB hard disk

Don't you have a DOSTOOLS dir on the first FC4 CD?
I don't have it here, but I remember it is quite standard to have a dir with tools and images to create bootCD's and floppies.
I would also try creating the BootCD using a LiveCD distro like Knoppix.
Good luck!

On 9/7/05, Antonio Montagnani <anto montagnani virgilio it> wrote:
Jon Drukman said the following on 07/09/2005 07:17:
> Ow Mun Heng wrote:
>> I've done this ages ago, so pardon if this is no more applicable. Try
>> setting on the kernel boot line : expert.
>> I think this was what made it also probe usb drives.
> that worked - it allowed me to install the OS onto the external USB
> drive.  however, i can't boot it.  when i boot my system i get the
> normal windows boot menu.
> my bios doesn't recognize the usb disk at all so somehow i have to get a
> bootable cdrom with usb storage support that i can use to load linux
> from the external disk.  i tried following the instructions at
> http://www.vigla.eclipse.co.uk/
> but it presumes you can actually get into a linux system to build the
> bootable cd, which i can't.
> is there any way to load linux from windows, or does someone have a
> pre-made boot cd with usb storage support?
> -jsd-
The first step is to burn the Iso Grub bootable CD..I hope that you have
an ISO-capable program in Windows.
Then you insert the CD and boot from it.You will get the Grub window and
you have to follow instructions to create an usb ready initrd.
When you have created it, you can reboot, insert kernel and initrd lines
manually....(maybe that standard initrd would work, try..)
Next you need a boot CD creation script, that is in ja's page...

Hope it helps

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