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Re: a little help with linux

OK, I have a gigafast wireless b usb device. It came with it's own drivers I'm using FC4.  I think the driver is the zdsta-1.0.4 (could be wrong)

On 9/7/05, Steven Stern <subscribed-lists sterndata com> wrote:
Robbie Dude wrote:
> hey guys I'm noob to linux and I was hoping someone was on that could
> maybe help me get my wireless working on my linux box. I have drivers
> for it and I'm pretty sure HW see's it. For some reason I just can't
> seem to get the drivers install. If you can, hit my up via IM that would
> be great. Email me on my gmail account and I'll give ya my IM info.
> Thanks for your help,
> Rob

Why not tell us (1) what wireless card you have, (2) what version of
Fedora you're using and (3) what driver's you've tried.

I've been fairly successful using the MadWiFi drivers as Fedora does not
natively support my card.



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