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Re: sharing printer with samba in FC4 (update)

Deepak Shrestha wrote:


I still have same problem sharing my printer. I guess
the culprit the samba that comes with FC4. As
suggested in the previous thread about CUPS services
"# Re: Print jobs not printing thru cups - solved by,
Michael Lai". I will give it a try installing the new
samba version. Let you know it problem occurs.

Thanks again for your valuable time.


I am by no means expert on cups but I will share what I know. I didn't reply to your thread before because you mentioned you have network printers whereas mine are not. Still, I hope what works for me will work for me.

I get the same "Accessed denied; unable to connect" status after I added my printer in a windows client. However, I can still print to the printer despite the message. If you want to get rid of this "accessed denied" status, in your smb.conf, make sure you have this line under your [printer] section:

use client driver = yes

This informs samba to use the windows printer driver to prepare the print job. Then in /etc/cups/mime.type and mime.convs, make sure you uncomment the line:


One thing you have to be careful of is that if you are configuring your printers using system-config-printer, when you press the Apply button, it automatically rewrites your mime.type file and recomment the "application/octet-stream" line. Make sure you uncomment that line again and restart cups.

Hope that helps.

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