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Re: Is Linux better than Windows for large fonts?

Dr. Michael J. Chudobiak wrote:
> I like to set the font sizes on my displays to extra-large, so I can 
> read them easily. On W2K, I set the font size to 150% - but this garbles 
> many applications (text gets clipped, etc). I've never had a similar 
> problem on Fedora.
> Is there a particular reason why large font handling seems to be better 
> in linux?

Jeff Vian wrote:
> software is written for the user not the vendor.

I'd also suggest that it tends to be written by programmers *on their
own machines*, and they are likely to have high-resolution screens. And
historically, a lot of X computers have had higher resolution than PCs.

I know I personally run at 1600 by 1200 on a 17 inch CRT, and increase
font sizes to match. I find it makes the fonts clearer.

But the programmers (and the users on the appropriate user groups: i.e.
the ones from whom they hear) will also be using some lower-resolution

So there is pressure on the programmers (especially toolkit programmers)
to support both. And the easiest way of doing that is to move away from
pixel measurements to relative measurements.


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