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Re: usb pen drive

Hammer wrote:
> ehci_hcd 0000:00:02.2: port 1 reset error -110
> hub 1-0:1.0: hub_port_status failed (err = -32)
> The drive work well with FC3 and slackware 10. What is the problem ? 

Do they have EHCI enabled? I've found one or two systems where (front
ports, in particular) don't work well with the 480 MB/s "Hi-Speed" from
USB 2.0 (which means using EHCI).

If you rmmod ehci_hcd (which may affect other USB devices, so be
careful), you might find it falls back to either uhci or ohci (depending
on who designed your chipset), which provides 12 MB/s "Full Speed" from
USB 1.1. [1]

If this affects you, then you may find that the USB ports attached to
the motherboard work better.

Hope this helps,


[1] Yes, high speed is considered faster than full-speed. This is a
historical anomaly, and should be a warning to all coiners of

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