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Re: xntpd sendto (possible hack?)

Paul Howarth wrote:

Lovell Mcilwain wrote:

Hello all,

I just installed a logwatch on my machine and ran it for the first time just a few minutes ago. It showed me something very interesting and it was the only thing in the logwatch log. Just a bunch of the same entries. The IP address varied but most of them looked like invalid arguments except for about 3 of them that didn't. See below:

--------------------- XNTPD Begin ------------------------
**Unmatched Entries**
sendto( Invalid argument
synchronized to, stratum 2
synchronized to, stratum 3
sendto( Invalid argument
---------------------- XNTPD End -----------------------

Does anyone know what this means or can this possibly mean that my system has been hacked?

These entries mean that some of the ntp servers you're using (probably results returned from lookups of pool.ntp.org) aren't responding reliably. This is not unusual and may be a result of issues with your own network link.


I did check my preferences for my time server and found that I didn't have a time server specified even though I had ntp enabled. I guess my other question is, if I don't manually specify one, does it choose from any of the other ones as a default? I noticed in my ntp.conf file there a bunch of time servers listed. But does it restrict itself to the # --- OUR TIMESERVERS ----- section?

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