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Re: sharing printer with samba in FC4 (update)

Thanks Michael,

By the way it seems that i don't have
samba-confic-samba package installed. I tried to query
the rpm, it shows no result. but samba, samba-client
and samba-common are there.

my latest downloaded packages from samba site are:


Is this what you've installed?

I will give it a try. Let you know what happened :-).
I am not feeling good about this but I will still give
a try.

Thanks for the advice!

--- Michael Lai <ml michael lai name> wrote:

> I ran into the same problem when I first tried to
> upgrade.  First you 
> will need to uninstall the old samba.  When I did
> that though, it 
> complained of dependency from samba-config-samba.  I
> looked at 
> samba-config-samba and decided that I didn't really
> need the gui so I 
> uninstalled that too.  After it was uninstalled, you
> can then go ahead 
> and uninstall fedora's samba.
> Before I installed samba 3.0.20 though, I had to
> install samba-common 
> (from samba's site, of course) first.  Once that's
> done, you can 
> installed samba 3.0.20. 
> You can stop samba first to be safe but I think rpm
> will do that for you.
> Hope that helps.
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Deepak K. Shrestha

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