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Re: converting NTFS drive

Peter Gordon wrote:
BB Cao, you can read NTFS from within Linux just fine. You'll need to
install the kernel driver as mentioned in the FAQ[1].

With all due respect, this has not been my experience. I've found that file names may be changed when reading from an NTFS formatted partition. I do not mean the well-known problem with the fact that NT (and all its kin) are case-independent but case-preserving. I mean non-ASCII characters being inserted into the file names. Characters with values like 0xC1 and 0xE1 which NT does not show in the same file entries, but which Linux insists are there.

It's only if you want to be able to write to the partition's filesystem
from within Linux that you'll need to convert it to another filesystem
that both Linux and Windows can easily use. As far as I know, FAT32
(vfat) is the only filesystem with full read/write support across both
Windows and Linux. :-/

Linux also recognizes (at least) FAT12. I don't know about FAT16.

[1] http://www.fedorafaq.org/#ntfs

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