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Re: what is the fastest fedora/redhat distribution on a PII 300 Mhz, 196MB RAM laptop?

Thats a very tough question.  If you want a distro that is rpm based then you have a lot of distros to compare if you truly want to do things scientifcally  I would throw one of the newer Fedoras or RHEL distros on there and be done.  Unless you are NASA or the like, you probably aren't gonna be measuring meaningful distinctions between the two.  Something newer would be better in my opinion since (unlike windows) the newer the distro the more of an expectation of hardware compatibility you can have, and newer doesn't necessarily equate to greedier, resource-wise.  The newer the distro the more flexibile and modular the whole os and kernel will be, not to menion optimization which is a whole body of research all to itself.


On 9/8/05, malahal us ibm com <malahal us ibm com> wrote:
I don't need any new features. Anything from RedHat7.3 and up should be
fine for me.

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