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Re: mobo upgrade advice?


In general, and upgrade, as long you you complaint hardware (no fancy
SATA raids, etc) should work just fine. I did it a couple of times in
the past and RedHat/Fedora never failed me. (Though YMMV)
However, before you start, make sure you have a rescue CD handy. At
times, the different IDE/SATA configuration on the new board might
change the IDE channel arrangement pushing your root from /dev/hdaN
to /dev/hdeN, etc.
Second, If you plan on spending >200-300$ on a new board/CPU/etc, you
can surely spare 50$ more and get a new disk drive.
The OS upgrade isn't necessary; all you need is a little bang on the IDE
drive to kill it.
As the saying goes: Backup, backup, backup!


On Thu, 2005-09-08 at 13:38 -0700, Dave Stevens wrote:
> Hello all,
> I have a gigi-byte Athlon that is now just too tired for what I want to do. I 
> plan to install my new asus main board and new cpu and ram. The old mobo has 
> a Riva TNT2 16 meg video card, the new one, an A7V400-MX has on-board video. 
> Both motherboards have NIC, audio built in. ADSL connection to the net.
> My inclination is to just bolt up the new parts sans disk until it works, then 
> attach a bootable IDE drive and see what develops. FC3 up to date. CRT 
> monitor, Adaptec controller and Seagate SCSI  drive.
> I don't really have a decent backup solution (hds full of music and videos far 
> larger than DVD capacity), so what do people recommend? Should I expect 
> Fedora to become non-functional?
> Dave
> -- 
> Lake Pontchartrain - better living through chemistry?

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