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Re: FC4 and video card

jack wallen wrote:
anyone have a suggestion for a good video card (not high end) to use
with FC4? i do a lot of graphics and DTP. thanks.

If you don't need anything overly powerful, any older Radeon (9250 and earlier) will work perfectly with GNU/Linux, and you won't have to worry about proprietary drivers or troubles that may be caused by such due to the fact that these Radeons are fully supported by the Free DRI drivers. :)

I've got a Radeon 9200 in my box currently and it works beautifully.
BZFlag, Wesnoth, PPRacer, etc. all run at 1400x1050 with their highest
settings and no slowdown (Though FSAA is currently only supported through
ATi's proprietary alternative driver).

Note: If you plan to buy one of these do not purchase a SE card, as they
only have half of the memory bandwidth of the ``normal'' card; i.e., 64-bit
versus 128-bit. The SE also has a slower-clocked GPU (~200 MHz versus ~250
MHz) You may want to check the DRI Wiki for more information:

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