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I am trying to configure IPMI on a X6DVA-EG Supermicro Board, but it seems that the latest FC4 kernel (x86_64 smp) does not have (yet) a fix in the IPMI module for this error (last line):

ipmi message handler version v33
ipmi device interface version v33
IPMI System Interface driver version v33, KCS version v33, SMIC version v33, BT version v33
ipmi_si: Found SMBIOS-specified state machine at I/O address 0xca8, slave address 0x20
IPMI kcs interface initialized
ioctl32(smagent:395): Unknown cmd fd(3) cmd(8014690d){00} arg(ffffca00) on /dev/ipmi0

Googling around, this seems a known bug and, by reading the changelog in the 2.6.13 kernel, it seems like it should be fixed. So, when the Fedorian 2.6.13 kernel will be released?



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