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Re: FC4 Networking Problem

Dear frieds,
Thank you for advice,I tried another machine but its
seems that the problem is with the OS or its
packs.Unfortunately this line is an ADSL and the ISP
does not accept any kind of "idle time" setting or
something like that.
I wait for you to advise.

--- Michael Lai <ml michael lai name> wrote:

> CHAT KHODA wrote:
> >Hi friends,
> >Here is a new and srange problem(maybe just for
> me!)
> >in FC4 netwroking.
> >I have a FC4 web server in my office serving
> company's
> >website (connected to ISP1) and we have no problem
> >with our website when we try to retrieve pages from
> >inside the company and remote locations(by using
> the
> >same ISP as office).
> >But sometimes ,just some times,we lose our
> >connectivity to this server ,no ping no ssh etc.
> >during this situation the only solution is pinging
> a
> >remote host like google from FC4 console and
> pinging
> >all of the hosts using ISP1 will not solve the
> >problem!.
> >When my colleague in office ping the google it
> starts
> >pinging after one packet lost and we will have no
> >problem.
> >Thus,What exactly is this problem ? something
> related
> >to ISP1 ? to FC4 ? Hardware?
> >Thank you for any comment.
> >Regards,
> >
> Not sure if this applies to you but the ISP I am
> using needs to be 
> pinged periodically to keep the connection alive. 
> Otherwise, it would 
> drop non-active users.  My ISP specifically told me
> this when I signed 
> up with it.  The only reason I say this is because
> when you start 
> pinging, your connection would come alive again
> which is very similar to 
> my situation.  Without seeing your actual network, I
> see no other 
> factors that can affect your internet connection
> like this.  You can try 
> different network configuration to eliminate the
> possibilities though.  
> For example, if you suspect if it is a Fedora
> problem (which I doubt), 
> you can connect a windows machine on your network
> and see if its 
> connection dies as well.
> What I did was write a simple script that would
> regularly ping my ISP 
> and my internet connection has been fairly stable.
> -- 
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