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Re: sharing printer with samba in FC4 (SOLVED)

Deepak Shrestha wrote:

Though, the windows still complains with "access
denied" message, I can print from application ignoring
it as adviced by peter

That's odd. This is probably a dumb question but did you restart samba?

But one problem still remains. Though my text is
black, printing from windows client seems to use all
three color ink to make it black, while I print from
linux it uses black.

Although the status still says "Access denied", your print jobs should be prepared by your windows printer driver by virtue of the "use client driver" line. Go to your printer, right click on it and choose Properties. You should be able to find options in there to specify what ink to use.

One thing I couldn't understand on CUPS Driver option
is "Printout Mode" and "Resolution, Quality...". How
can I tell CUPS to decide on what ink to use depending
on the nature of the document being printed?

That I don't know. Maybe somebody with more expertise in cups can answer this.

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