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Re: sharing printer with samba in FC4 (SOLVED)

Thanks Craig for your thoughts

--- Craig White <craigwhite azapple com> wrote:

> On Fri, 2005-09-09 at 23:09 +0800, Michael Lai
> wrote:
> > Deepak Shrestha wrote:
> > Although the status still says "Access denied",
> your print jobs should 
> > be prepared by your windows printer driver by
> virtue of the "use client 
> > driver" line.  Go to your printer, right click on
> it and choose 
> > Properties.  You should be able to find options in
> there to specify what 
> > ink to use.

Bad thing is I cannot open the properties dialog from
windows clients. It shows me the error and terminates.
But I can still print from windows applications. With
this option left, I have no way to setup which ink to
use. By the way my printer driver for windows don't
have that option. It simply determines which ink to
use by itself.

Thanks again for your time.

Deepak K. Shrestha

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