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Samba, SELinux and httpd confusion


I don't understand the anomalies I'm having with my
FC4 installation. Most probably samba (I guess). Hope
somebody could answer this. I have httpd and Samba
installed and SELinux is configured to allow FTP and
HTTP connection. Other machines connected to LAN are
windows XP machines and everything is connected to DSL
router through switch. My FC4 machine is not any kind
of "Server", "Domain Controller" etc. It is just
serving the printer and serving some pages. 

1)First problem I don't understand is, when samba
service is running, web browsers in windows machine
pointing to FC4 machine shows up my served pages. But
when samba service is stopped, windows browsers cannot
locate the page anymore. Why is so? I thought there is
no relation between httpd and samba.

2)Second, even if samba is running, if nothing is
shared from FC4 machine, network browsers of windows
machines complains the "workgroup is unavilable" but
still can see the shared folders of other windows
machines. But If I set the "Allow Samba to share
users' home directories" under Samba Section of
SElinux (I use Security Level graphical interface) and
share my home directory, everything goes fine. Again
why? If I use kde to browse my own machine through smb
protocol (smb://workgroup/myfc4/), it give the "time
out" error if my home directory is not shared.

I guess the problem is a mix of all three (samba, http
and SElinux), not configured correctly. Can somebody
guide me on how to set these things up?

Thanks for your advice.

Deepak K. Shrestha

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