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PalmOS PDA and Fedora 4 - interim solution

Check out this bug report:


Essentially, what it says is, you will be able to sync up your Palm PDA
to jpilot (and possibly other PalmOS sync applications) on Fedora 4 if
you use the following software versions:


All of them are currently (2005/09/09) in the Development section:


What I did was to download the pilot-link src.rpm, rebuild it on my
system, install the results, download the jpilot src.rpm, rebuild and
install, and it worked!
I believe that simply downloading the i386 binary packages and
installing them directly will work too, but I didn't verify that.

You may still have to create some /dev/ttyUSB* files, then point
jpilot to ttyUSB1, but I'll leave that as an exercise.
It would be nice if the ttyUSB* stuff could be automated.

Florin Andrei


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