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Re: Change Sendmail Port?

-- Corey Head <coreyhead yahoo com> wrote:
Umm...I meant I would like to change the port
> that
> > users send mail
> > > from...i.e. connect to the  server.  Is that not
> > possible?  I was
> > > thinking port 587 for sending, but does that
> mean
> > every server coming
> > > into my server has to know that?  I am running
> > into the problem with
> > > roving users that have home ISPs that are
> blocking
> > port 25 from their
> > > lines.  So, users have to go in and change their
> > mail servers when they
> > > get home, then change back when back in the
> > office.  Does that make a
> > > little more sense?
> > 
> > Users should always use 587. 25 is for
> > server-to-server.
> > 
> > Use "lsof -i | grep sendmail" to see if your
> server
> > is listening on both 
> > ports.
> OK...the out put of that command gave me:
> sendmail  12817    root    3u  IPv4 4777305      
> *:submission (LISTEN)
> This is when I did what it looks like you're
> supposed
> to do for the .mc file and activate this line:
> DAEMON_OPTIONS(`Port=submission, Name=MSA, M=Ea')dnl
> I rebuild/restart sendmail and no other server will
> talk to mine on port 25.  The .mc file says it will
> listen on both.  Is there something else I'm
> supposed
> to activate/deactivate?
> Thanks!
> Corey  
OK...so I think I've figured it out.  I added this
line to my sendmail.mc file:

DAEMON_OPTIONS(`Port=smtp, Name=MTA')dnl 

and additionally uncommented this line

DAEMON_OPTIONS(`Port=submission, Name=MSA, M=Ea')dnl

Things are working like a charm now.  I wonder,
however, if that first line causes any possible
security risks?  I'm having quite the time finding
much on this particular issue on the net...get a lot
of sample sendmail.mc files in a Google search...but
not anything with answers about this particular port
part.  If anyone knows of a security risk with this,
please let me know!

THANKS for the help all!

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