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Re: ssh setup - auto authenticate

Am So, den 11.09.2005 schrieb Bob Hartung um 5:41:

>    I am trying to set up ssh on an internal network for training purposes.
> The setup:
>    Client:  FC3 running openssh-3.p1-8.0.1
>             username[not real] someone
>    Server:  FC4 running openssh-4.1p1-3.1
>             username[not real] someone
>    On the client I:
>     1.  ran 'ssh-keygen -t dsa'
>     2.  copied ~/.ssh/id_dsa.pub to the server
>     3.  appended id_dsa.pub contents on to server's
>            /home/someone/.ssh/authorized_keys2 file with 'cat id_dsa.pub 
>  >> /home/someone/.ssh/authorized_keys2'

That should be ~/.ssh/authorized_keys.
Be sure about the permissions: chmod 700 ~/.ssh - both on server and
client side. chmod 600 ~/.ssh/<keyfile> - both on server and client.

>    Now when I 'ssh [server]' from the client machine I still am prompted 
> for the password after about 20 second delay. Login then procedes normally.

> Bob Hartung

Fedora Extras has the tool keychain for easier ssh key / ssh-agent


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