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ddd question on fc3

I have 2 theoretically-identical fc3 boxen. Same RPM's, literally the same hardware, os, profiles, etc. (checked many times).

The only real differences are the IP addresses and the machine names. (OK, so one has box 50 GB more disk than the other).

On day zero (immediately after the install) and ever since, ONE of the machines refuses to let anybody but root run ddd (graphical debugger front end to gdb). On the other - anybody can run ddd. (And this stays the same even with profile and user home directory copied from one machine to the other.) Wierd.

I have checked and re-checked environments, file/device permissions, etc. until I'm fed up. I even went so far :-) as to RTFM and everything else I could find a second time.

Any suggestions would be appreciated on this one.

- Thanks

william w. austin                               waustin speakeasy net
"life is just another phase i'm going through. this time, anyway ..."

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