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Re: A Few Questions

On Monday 12 September 2005 01:57, Randall J. Berry wrote:
>     Hello,
> I have a few questions that I hope have simple answers. (Simple answers
> for a simple man.. :)
In my opinion, usually you'll be better off sending those out in chunks rather 
than a whole long email...

> One not so pressing issue is how do I disable the fancy GUI while Fedora
> loads? I know I can click on the show details but that only works
> temoporaily, then it bouces right back to the GUI again.  One of my
> biggest peeves about Weirdos and Macintrash is it's blind booting. (I
> use both BTW so I have a right to complain!)  I like being able to
> clearly see the boot procedure so I can see if there are errors or see
> that everything loaded OK. Old faithful RedHat didn't have the fancy
> screen. I liked that.
edit /etc/grub.conf - remove the rhgb entry in the kernel= lines 

> Also; When shutting down I get two errors in the shut down sequence. One
> is NFS Locking. When I restart/shutdown It comes up as [FAILED] I've
> tunred it off as a service but it would be nice to have. Yet at boot NFS
> shows no error.
no idea without more information - anything in /var/log/messages about that?
is selinux enabled? what/how are you mounting nfs? of a solaris10 (or other 
nfs v4) server?

> The second is with VSFTPd It also boots fine and runs fine but on
> shutdown/reboot it comes up [FAILED]   Why is that? I don't see any
> errors in the logs, and the server is running and accessable from within
> the LAN.
shutting down vsftp doesn't do more than kill the process... you sure there is 
nothing in /var/log/messages? is the ftp dir one of the directories you're 
getting through nfs? 

> My last question is with identd. I've got the server runnung, I've tired
> getting local responses and it show's it's working. I've tried remote
> queries from within my lan and I get a reply. I've got a hole in the
> router for identd yet if I login to a server outside the lan it comes up
> no reply.
> Has anyone ever heard of any ISP's blocking identd (113)?
Seen it before but unlikely. Verizon does not block 113. 

> I'm on Verizon BTW.  
Muahhahahhahhaha :-)

> I'm sure they have #80 blocked. I can reach the 
> server from remote within the LAN but nobody can reach it outside the
> LAN even with HTTPd (#80 and #8080) routed to the server through a
> static route. I don't need a mass-traffic site but it would be nice to
> have a few simple pages to share with friends. I'm a tinkerer and like
> having the ease of my stuff being local so I can easily develop sites
> and test them among a select group before going live with them.
yes - you'll have to get their business package to have all ports available. 


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