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Re: Files for a tar (FC3)

On Monday 12 September 2005 01:58, Daniel Vogel wrote:
> For a few days i've trying to figure out how to make backup of my machine.
> Since i have to duplicate it, i thought on tar'ing directories so i can
> store untar them on the other mahcine, (wich is far away from this one) and
> store it to have a safe copy.
> But i still cannot tar var directory. In particular i have lots of problems
> with /var/named/chroot/proc wich is filled with an incredible ammount of
> stuff, like:

> The question is, is there any of this files-directories that i can erase to
> make a tar? by now im having problems with some files from the -number-
> directories like:
> lrwxrwxrwx    1 root root 0 sep 12 01:57 exe
> wich is not linked to anything
> what can i do?
Do you have a copy of proc mounted under /var/named/chroot/proc? It sounds 
like you're running a chrooted setup for bind? 

Anyway, you can use the -X option in tar, point it to a file that contains all 
unwanted directories... /var/spool /var/cache /var/lock /var/tmp are probably 
some others you won't need on most boxes...


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