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Re: vt1211 support

Philip Prindeville wrote:
> Went back and looked, and indeed vt1211.c is GPL, so I'm not sure why
> it hasn't made it into the distribution... I guess it's not part of the 
> CVS tree
> for the kernel?

I assume that you've seen http://hem.bredband.net/ekmlar/vt1211.html ?

Sounds as though this Lars Ekman has ported it to 2.6, and is talking to
the lmsensors team. In the normal scheme of things, Lars and the
lmsensors team would get the driver into shape, and the lmsensors team
would submit it to Linus Torvalds' kernel (it might end up in Andrew
Morton's -mm tree for a while).

Once it got into Linus' kernel, then the Fedora kernel guys would pick
it up the next time they synchronised with Linus, and would probably
enable it.

This is now considered the standard and best way of getting code into
the Fedora kernel. You will have to make a very compelling case for
getting drivers into the tree any other way.

Hope this helps,


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