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RE: FC4 blanks out after bootup

Cant find the xorg.conf file

With ref to andy

Ur solution seems 2 be correct ( knoppix 3.4 with exp kernel 2.6.xx runs
fine .. it loads with a vesa driver )

However I cannot locate the /etc/X11/xorg.conf

This is what I did

Booted with the linux DVD

>linux rescue

>chroot /mnt/sysimage

In the /etc directory there was no X11 dir 


With ref to gilboa davara

The problem is not with the installation of linux installation is fine
However when I boot for the first time 
1. all is fine including the part where I select the date/time, sound card ,
video settings ,etc
2. after that it does not boot up but shows a blank screen

On subsequent runs the balnk screen appears after 

> starting Hal daemon
>starting local

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Try installing Linux using the text base installer.
When the first CD prompt is displayed, type "linux text" (Enter)


FC4 ( x86 _i386) blanks out after loading local (after the HAL daemon is
The screen appears blank thought it shutdown properly if I press the
shutdown button on the cabinet
The system runs with minmal conf (so is the a prob with Xorg X11 )

Configuration :
Ati 9200SE
Athlon 64 2800+
Asus K8V-X (via chipset)

Please help . tryin 2 get this run since a long time ..


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