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Re: Linux-compatible webcam recommendations invited

Am Mo, den 12.09.2005 schrieb Reshat Sabiq um 6:38:

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> QuickCam Pro 4000 looks good, but i'm leaning towards Logitech
> QuickCam Communicate STX.
> It appears to be little more affordable, and carries the same
> features. In particular, I believe both are mountable on a laptop. The
> only thing i'm concerned about is that STX does video using avi
> format. I'm not sure if Gnome Meeting, for instance, would be able to
> handle it. What video format does QuickCam Pro 4000 use?

Be aware that the marketing name of a webcam does not speak for their
inner values. Means, 2 cam with nearly identical names can have very
different electronics and thus requiring different drivers, or even one
not being supported on Linux while the other one is.
So please use google to check that the cam you intend to buy really has
Linux driver support. The QuickCam 4000 Pro is supported by the pwc
module, I have serious doubts the model you mention is as well. See



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