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Re: A Few Questions

On Mon, 2005-09-12 at 01:57 -0400, Randall J. Berry wrote:

> One not so pressing issue is how do I disable the fancy GUI while Fedora 
> loads?

As said, remove the "rhgb" keyword (Red Hat Graphical Boot) from the
kernel line in grub.conf, you could even uninstall the RPM for it if you
don't want to ever use it again (I did, it's just one less thing for me
to keep up to date).  I also removed the "quiet" keyword, I'd rather see
any warnings that might crop up.

> Also; When shutting down I get two errors in the shut down sequence. One 
> is NFS Locking. When I restart/shutdown It comes up as [FAILED] I've 
> tunred it off as a service but it would be nice to have. Yet at boot NFS 
> shows no error.

I also see the NFS locking failure warning.  I don't recall that
happening before, it seems a recent problem.  I haven't yet put much
effort into working out what the problem is.

> My last question is with identd. I've got the server runnung, I've tired 
> getting local responses and it show's it's working. I've tried remote 
> queries from within my lan and I get a reply. I've got a hole in the 
> router for identd yet if I login to a server outside the lan it comes up 
> no reply.

It's quite rare to need that, so you're usually better off disallowing
it.  Some stupidly configured IRC servers try querying it, though a
better response than letting it through, or ignoring it (causing a long
delay), is to immediately deny it.

> Has anyone ever heard of any ISP's blocking identd (113)?


If you want to test your ports, just play around with the port scanning
feature at <http://www.grc.com/>, though ignore the snakeoil sales pitch
about "stealth".  What matters is having a port closed, not active.
Being unresponsive to a scan doesn't make you more secure.

> I'm on Verizon BTW.  I'm sure they have #80 blocked. I can reach the 
> server from remote within the LAN but nobody can reach it outside the 
> LAN even with HTTPd (#80 and #8080) routed to the server through a 
> static route. I don't need a mass-traffic site but it would be nice to 
> have a few simple pages to share with friends. I'm a tinkerer and like 
> having the ease of my stuff being local so I can easily develop sites 
> and test them among a select group before going live with them.

Pick a different port, yet again.  Pick something like eighty-thousand,
it's unlikely to be blocked, nor be found so easily be nosey parkers
probing your ports.

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