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Re: Building software from source

Am Mo, den 12.09.2005 schrieb Kenneth Porter um 18:58:
> --On Monday, September 12, 2005 5:18 PM +0200 Alexander Dalloz 
> <ad+lists uni-x org> wrote:
> > If you ask me: use Fedora RPMs (Core, Extras, livna, etc.) wherever you
> > can and avoid compiling yourself. What do you gain by compiling PHP
> > yourself?
> In most cases the RPM's are built with reasonable settings, but sometimes 
> one wants something non-standard. In that case, download the source RPM, 
> which contains the original sources used to create the binary RPM, tweak it 
> to your desired settings, and rebuild. http://www.rpm.org/ for more info.

I can subscribe that. Speaking about PHP for instance I rebuild the RPMs
my own on some systems for getting php-mcrypt. Though there is an
important difference in exchanging distribution software by self
compiled stuff from sources to rebuilding RPMs with modifications
because of custom needs (rpm managed software vs. software spread in the
system without a managing software like rpm).


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