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Re: keyboard locking problem.

On Mon, Sep 12, 2005 at 07:51:49PM +0200, Rakotomandimby Mihamina wrote:
> On Mon, 2005-09-12 at 12:09 -0500, akonstam trinity edu wrote:
> > However, I can't find by what method the machine can be
> > properly configured for the usb keyboard
> Doesn't kudzu works fine?
> what is you keyboard section into xorg.conf?

Have things changed so much, Isn't kudzu run every time you boot? The
mouse and keyboard which are both usb were configured as PS/2 and pc

Below is the InputDevice in Xorg.conf that related to the keyboard:
Section "InputDevice"

  Identifier  "Keyboard0"
        Driver      "kbd"
        Option      "XkbModel" "pc105"
        Option      "XkbLayout" "us"

I removed the commented lines. Also here is the contents of


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