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Re: Updated SquirrelMail from yum is CVS

--On 12. september 2005 14:06 -0700 Brian Gaynor <briang pmccorp com> wrote:

On Mon, 2005-09-12 at 22:51 +0200, Sasa Stupar wrote:

I have updated my entire server (FC4) with yum -y update and using only
the  default repositories base and fedora-updates but I was surprised
when I saw  that now I have Squirrelmail version CVS.
AFAIK CVS is not suppose to be there or am I mistaken?

From Warren's Aug. 22 announcement (fedora-announce-list):

--------------------------------------------------------------------- Update Information:

It probably is not a good idea to push a CVS snapshot here,
but upstream screwed up their 1.4.5 release and CVS contains
further fixes like PHP5 related stuff that might make
squirrelmail usable on FC4.  This snapshot worked on my
personal server for the past week, so hopefully it will be
good for everyone else too.

Yes, it is working fine. I was just curious.


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