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Re: A further ctrl-alt-backspace mystery.

On Mon, Sep 12, 2005 at 06:06:59PM +0200, gilboa davara wrote:
> You *sure* the both machines have the exact RPM and BIOS configuration?
> Sounds like a different configuration to me.
> As for X zap, I've yet to see it fails.*
> * Unless the machine has OOpsed.
> Gilboa
Well they are both Dell Precision 380-s, bought from Dell at the same
time. We configure our machines by making a master image and
installing them on the various lab computers. They were loaded with
the same image. Now the only thing I can't be sure about (since the
image was made on a different kind of hardware) is whether kudzu ran
on both machines in exactly the same way. I did not do the
installation myself.

Now I must confess that the result of doing a df on both machines
gives the install space as having a different size value which I can not

As for DontZap my machine at home does not work correctly when the
DontZap is not explicitly there. 

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		-- Robert Heinlein
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