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Re: Serial I/O (Ham Radio)

isn't it an external device? This is one reason for preference for an external modem vs. an internal.

On Mon, 12 Sep 2005, Brian D. McGrew wrote:

Good morning, here's an interesting question for anyone how does packet
radio on Fedora or anyone who just has a good understanding of serial
communications (I used to think I did).

I've got this Kamtronics KPC-3 TNC (terminal node controller) which is
essentially a 9600 baud modem that connects a ham radio to a computer.

Using FC4 I can use either minicom or seyon to talk to the serial port
and it works, once.  I set the port to be /dev/tty0 9600-8N1 and the
first time I start up I'm good.

The problem is that once I quit I can't get restarted.  It requires a
recycle of the TNC and a reboot of the computer.

Anyone have any ideas?



Brian D. McGrew { brian visionpro com || brian doubledimension com }
Those of you who think you know it all,
 really annoy those of us who do!

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