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Re: Slightly OT: Backing Up

On Mon, 12 Sep 2005, Brian D. McGrew wrote:

Some advice if you will ...

I've got about a dozen Linux servers and a dozen Windows servers with
about a hundred clients running Unix and Windows.  I've got a Qualstar
library with two drives and 44 slots.  All total, about 2TB of data!

What would you recommend as the best software to backup a network like
this?  We've just flat outgrown Vertias Backup Exec and I'm seeking the
advice of others for where to turn to next!

The two I'd consider as comparable or better in the enterprise space would be legato (now emc) networker or arkiea. different groups in our organization use both.

I manage a couple smaller (21 tape 1 drive each 4.2tb) libraries using nothing but mtx, perl modules, and scripts, but I can't really recommend goign that route for and evironmnet with lots of contention for library resources.



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