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Re: should I upgrade fc1 -> fc4?

George White wrote:
Quoting Arthur Pemberton <pemboa gmail com>:

How old is this server? (specs) you might want to stay with a 2.4.x kernel.

About the only time you should stay with a 2.4.x kernel is when you have
orphaned hardware that isn't supported in 2.6. Most older generic hardware is
supported, but some custom hardware interfaces or older RAID cards may use
drivers that haven't been ported to 2.6.x.

On 9/12/05, sean <seandarcy2 gmail com> wrote:

I've got an old server running fc1. Should I upgrade it
step-by-step, fc1-fc2-fc3, or just go directly to fc4?

You can't get meaningful advice if you don't give any details about your

What are you looking for?  Security updates? Specific applications?
For a stable server, CentOS might be a better choice.

Fair enough. This is a 6 year old winchip box that serves as a gateway , dchp server and limited file serving.

I'm looking to upgrade for security.


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