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Re: burn DVDR faster than 1.30x

Peter Magnusson wrote:
> I cant burn DVDR's faster than 1.30x or something like that. cdrecord says:
> cdrecord: DMA speed too slow (OK for 9x). Cannot write at speed 16x.
> I dont understand why it is like this. DMA, 32-bit is on. Its using a 
> Promise TX2 UDMA/133 card. Should be enough. LG GSA-4120B is the burner 
> model.

alan wrote:
> Are you using an ide cable rated for 133?

Um. Sounds like a red herring to me. The drive only supports 33 MB/s.

The manual, which can be found at
(phew) says (page 10):

Data transfer rate
*Sustained          CD-ROM : 6000 Kbytes/s (40X max)
                    DVD-ROM : 22160 Kbytes/s (16X max)
*Burst(ATAPI)       16.6 Mbytes/s (PIO Mode 4), (MULTI-DMA Mode 2)
                    33.3 Mbytes/s (Ultra-DMA Mode 2)

So 33 MB/s is all you're going to get out of the drive interface. And
this is enough for 16x DVD.

Hope this helps,


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