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Re: Serial I/O (Ham Radio)

From: "Brian D. McGrew" <brian visionpro com>

Could it be incompatible modem init or hangup strings?

Is the computer reboot really required, cycling the TNC alone does not
solve the problem.  If so, verify that you have the handshaking correct.

Also check dmesg once the serial port hangs up.  Maybe something is
logging a message.
Actually the TNC doesn't use any hang up or init strings such as the AT
command set a Hayes compatible modem would use.  When the port is opened
and the TNC receives a '*' character it auto detects the baud rate and
just starts talking.

I will look into dmesg tonight and see if I can find anything.

Brian, could it be something as simple as not closing the serial port on your way out? Is there a sneak path out of your program that leaves the port open?

I'd play with minicom and see if you can duplicate the problem with it. If the
problem is present in minicom perhaps a simple sequence for duplicating the
problem can be generated and fed to the kernel developers.


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