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Re: Linux-compatible webcam recommendations invited

I sent out 2 replies last night, but somehow they didn't go out: i guess i
shut down my laptop before the left it.

Anyway, i'll send them out later tonight: what i said there is that i got
STX to work.

My main questions now are:
1. Does built-in mike work on Pro 4000? Are there any tricks i could try
to get it to work on STX?
2. I'm not sure about Alexander's response: does 1280x960 work on Pro
4000? What about 640x480? GnomeMeeting has a tooltip about large
resolution, where it lists it as 352x288. And i have a feeling that that's
what i was getting w/ STX in GM. But maybe this is a GM limitation. I
guess i should try vlc or mplayer, and see what resolution they report.
But i have serious doubts that 1280x960 could be used on a connection like
384Kbps. I have 5Mbps at home, but my other primary party isn't likely to
have high bandwidth. So i probably wouldn't benefit from a max resolution
above 640x480. In fact i doubt 640x480 would work well at 384Kbps too. It
would probably have to be scaled down to 400x300, or 300x230, etc.
3. The last thing i want to try is how performance and quality compares on
Windows. But i got STX to work fairly quckly, so i haven't even tried it
on Windows yet.

P.S. I'd appreciate if any of you guys made a video conference call w/ me.
If you'd like to try, please shoot me a private email.


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