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display compressed to 2"

The last time I booted FC3 up, the display was verticaly compressed to about 2-3"

I had previously looked at the video settings while in gui mode using the system settings display application. I was not logged on as root, but had to use su password to see the settings.
I made no changes, but got a message that I would have to re boot to save changes (which I had not knowlingly made)

I can increase the vertical disply using the wheels under the monitor enough to increase the display to about 4", so that I can read whats on the display.

I used the Find application, and File Browser to locate the files /etc/X11/xorg.conf and the original configuration saved as /etc/X11/xorg.backup

I set view to show hidden files, and got the message that the files could not be found.

I next re booted and logged on as root, but got the same message.

I then clicked on the computer icon, and then the file icon and found those files.

I printed them out, and compared them line for line, and found no differences, indicating that nothing had been changed.

I next booted a live cd, and it displayed its desktop correctly.(not compressed vertically)

ViewSonic 5E Monitor settings:
   Hsync 31 - 60
   Vrefresh 50 - 90

   Matrox Millennium G400

How do I get FC3 to display normally?

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