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Re: FC3 sendmail issues

Am Mi, den 14.09.2005 schrieb Don Raikes um 22:42:

> I then went into mutt and tried to send an email to my work account
> just to test the configuration.
> I checked the /var/log/maillog file, and it said that the message was
> accepted for delivery.
> I never received the message on my other account.

If the remote MTA accepted the mail for delivery, then the local
Sendmail is out of responsibility. Maybe the other mail system treated
your test mail to be spam (due to some misconfiguration).

> I tried copying the sendmail configuratio I had been using from
> backup, but when i tried sending a message, I got:
> host name lookup failure.

Please provide complete log messages. Did the name lookup of the
recipient MTA fail or the one of your own Sendmail?

> I have tried adding in the smarthost information into my sendmail.mc
> file and recompiling everything and restartingthe service, but no
> change.
> Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Post facts.

> p.s. I am sticking with sendmail rather than postfix because I use
> squirrelmail most of the time from work so I need to use either
> sendmail or smtp.

That is a misconception. a) Of course you can use Postfix or Exim as MTA
together with Squirrelmail. They have a sendmail command for
compatibility. b) You should not use "sendmail" in Squirrelmail's
configuration, but "SMTP" - because of SELinux.


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