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Re: OT - has my email domain been hijacked?

Hey, I believe that SPF has been overhyped just as much as the next guy. At nminimum, what it does for this guy is he doesn't get bounces from the AOL mail servers directed at him. It also may reduce the number of irate complaints he gets from people thinking he's SPAMming them.


jdow wrote:

From: "Patrick Kobly" <patrick kobly com>

Unless you are sending mail from


It's just normal SPAM with forged headers. It would perhaps be wise to visit http://spf.pobox.com and look at the SPF option (to specify a policy indicating which servers are authorized to send mail on behalf of dataintellect.com)

And that proves what, Patrick? Spam coming through here is more
likely to have a good SPF than is ham. All it says is that the
sender is positively identified. For spammers it's a throwaway.


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