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Re: Best Update Method > CENTOS

Strong wrote:
> Excuse me, may i missed something...
> So, if I have a web-server, with a time, say 5 years from now, i will
> not be able to update my FC4 through the general services, like yum,
> etc?

>From http://fedoralegacy.org/about/faq.php:

> Fedora Core releases will follow the so-called "1-2-3 and out" policy
> in co-operation with Red Hat/Fedora Core. This means that when the Red
> Hat/Fedora Core group no longer supports a Fedora Core release, Fedora
> Legacy will pick it up and maintain it for two additional Fedora Core
> release cycles. Based on the current schedule for Fedora Core
> releases, this should provide each release with approximately 1.5
> years of total update support.
> In short, Fedora Legacy will provide updates for any Fedora Core
> releases up to two versions back from the current release.
> Q:  Is the length of support above fixed in stone?
> A: No. We may drop a release earlier if there is not sufficient
> community support to continue supporting it. Also, the above time
> periods should be considered to be a "at least this long" type of
> definition. If there is significant interest and support in a release,
> and enough reason to do so, we may extend the life spam of a release
> longer than the above defined periods. 

(The "life spam" is in the original: I hope that's not a Freudian slip!)

If you want further support, you are expected to upgrade to a newer
Fedora, or switch to Red Hat Enterprise Linux or Centos. They don't
provide so many releases, so they can release updates for "at least 5
years" (http://fedora.redhat.com/about/rhel.html) / "7 years"

Hope this helps,


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