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Re: Mail Services

Am Do, den 15.09.2005 schrieb Randall J. Berry um 1:05:

> I'm setting up mail services on my box I'm looking for opinions on what 
> combination SMTP/POP/Mail AV/Spam Filtration works best together.
> I currently have Sendmail, Postfix and Exim installed I also have ClamAV 
> and Spam Assassin along with the rest of the 'everything' install 
> package from the Fedora install.

Use the MTA you are most familiar with. Asking for opinions will not
help you to manage any of those 3 any better, but even may call for a
religious MTA war. I like Sendmail, others Postfix or Exim. Each of them
has advantages and disadvantages. (No, I don't call for comments by
qmail patch assassins ;)
ClamAV is a really good anti-virus application. SpamAssassin can help
you too to lower the amount of crap filling your inbox.

> The primary function is going to be so that I can pull all of my mail 
> from multiple accounts/servers and hold it locally, then just use a pop 
> client to read it from a local server. I also want local control over 
> spam and AV as well. For sending mail I plan to set up the MTA to login 
> to the server associated with the outgoing from address for each 
> account. Nothing fancy, just  for the learning experience more than 
> anything.

That outgoing mail scenario kicks out Postfix which does not support
sender based routing. Sendmail and Exim can do so.


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