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Re: [SPAM DETECT] Linux-compatible webcam recommendations invited

On Mon, 2005-09-12 at 23:05 -0500, Reshat Sabiq wrote:
> >   
> I just plugged in STX: doesn't appear to be supported, but i'll play a
> little.
> I looked up QuickCam Pro 4000 as well: is it true that it supports
> crazy resolutions like 1280x960? 
> Daniel, are you able to view QuickCam Pro 4000 stream from within
> Gnome Meeting window, or do you have to use an external app, like vlc?
> Also, are you able to use the built-in mike on QuickCam Pro 4000? 
> Thanks.
Dudes and dudettes,

The driver for STX can be found at:

I'm writing this seeing myself in GnomeMeeting, and i haven't even tried
using this thing on Windows. ;)

Looks pretty good. The only questions i have are:
1. GnomeMeeting has a tooltip where large resolution is indicated at
352x288. I'm not totally sure that this webcam max resolution of 640x480
is being utilized. I guess i'll try another app.
2. Is built-in webcam mike supported for any webcam models? GnomeMeeting
audio settings are disabled, but maybe they would get enabled if i had a
remote video.

P.S. I'll need to try it on Windows tomorrow, and see how quality and
performance compare.

I love it that you can have this thing on the laptop, and it doesn't
even need A/C power. :)

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