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Re: cannot connect to the Internet on fc4 - confirm

On Thursday 15 September 2005 17:40, Jared Hall wrote:

Hi Jared, no need to fear. We're all here.

> I'm not sure that my nameservers are listed properly in /etc/resolv.conf
> I didn't make /etc/resolv.conf look like this. I think Gnome did it:
>     search domain.actdsltmp
>     nameserver
>     nameserver
> Should the search be looking for the name of the router? cause it isn't.
> Should there only be one nameserver? ... like the router maybe?
> Should one of the name servers be an outside network from god knows where?

I guess is your router ip? If it is, then it's ok to use it as a 
nameserver, as long as your router got a dns (usually the isp's) in it. If 
not, then you can just put your ISP dns in /etc/resolv.conf

> My subnet mask should be on the WAN. On the LAN
> should work.  Let's say that I want to set up DHCP on my
> Laptop.  I shouldn't have to specify the subnet, yet a connection
> problem persists which usually indicates an inaccurate subnetmask.  I
> have a LAN connection, but no WAN!  ARGH!

I believe if you're using a dsl, you will have your wan setting in the router, 
not in your box. So, your box will have a private ip.

> when I  "# /etc/init.d/network restart" it seems to take an
> inordinately long time to Determine "IP information for eth0 ...
> done."  The long pause comes after the quoted statement is echoed to
> the screen.  I think it's my resolv.conf file, but what should I
> change, it to?  I've become terrified of Fedora.  Please help!

It means your eth0 is set to look for dhcp. 
Well, in my dsl router, the setting are like this:
WAN: automatically assigned from the ISP
Internal dhcp: no

And then in my proxy box:


Fajar Priyanto | Reg'd Linux User #327841 | http://linux2.arinet.org
17:59:13 up 3:27, 2.6.11-1.1369_FC4 GNU/Linux 
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