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Re: cannot connect to the Internet on fc4 - confirm


Thanks for responding so fast!  

> I guess is your router ip? If it is, then it's ok to use it as a 
> nameserver, as long as your router got a dns (usually the isp's) in it. If 
> not, then you can just put your ISP dns in /etc/resolv.conf

I went into /etc/resolv.conf and took out the strangeness there.  I
agree with you that there should be anything related to the WAN mixed
into resolv.conf for my configuration.

> And then in my proxy box:
> eth0:
> subnet:
> gateway:

On Debian this information is held in a file named
"/etc/network/interface." What I'm looking for now is the file name
which contains the information you told me about. What's really
bothering me is that there seems to be no file named
"/etc/network/interface"  and I find that extremely disturbing for
many reasons:

1)  This file should exist
2)  I'm not 100% certian if Fedora and Debian use the same name for it
3)  Even if Fedora does use a different name I still should have found the file
4)  Why would such a file evaporate?
5)  What else am I doing wrong or not thinking about?


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