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Re: Ping and http

On 9/15/05, Peter Arremann <loony loonybin org> wrote:
> On Thursday 15 September 2005 09:09, Jared Hall wrote:
> > I have been able to ping google.com without packet loss but I can not
> > establish an http connection.  where should I start looking for
> > answers?
> What error are you getting
> A client issue or a very weird firewall configuration. To cut out the client,
> try telnet to that www.google.com port 80 and see if you can get that. If
> yes, then your webbrowser is at fault. If not, then the issue is most likely
> either in your iptables config or not on your host.
> Peter.
The browser behaves as though it has a connection to the LAN but not
to the net.
Here are some strange results:
# ping google.com        result=0% packet loss
# ping www.redhat.com    result=100% packet loss

>From my web browser the results are the exact opposite.
I can get an http connection to redhat.com, but I can't get a solid
connection with google.

Almost every website I try behaves exactly like google does.
tcpdump is only a verbose explanation of what I've already said.

It isn't iptables because I disabled the rules.  I thought they might
have been getting in the way too, but they're not.

Is there anything that could have been to the network settings that
could have cause something like this?

thank you

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