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Re: Upgrading to Fedora core 4

Timothy Murphy wrote:

Ramakrishna Raju wrote:

  I am trying to upgrade to Fedora Core 4 and when it
is reading CD Disc # 2, I get this error message
saying that it can't find "xorg-x11-6.8.2-31" bcause
its missing or the package is corrupt. I downloaded
and burnt disc# 2 many times and I still get this
error. My pre-upgrade linux box is hosed. I do see
this file on the CD thru Windows explorer.

 Is this a known problem with upgrades in FC 4 ? Any
work arounds ?

I don't know anything about your problem,
but you could try installing in text mode
(giving "linux text" as your answer to the prompt at the start).
I doubt this will help as Anaconda is still being told you want a full install (including X). While I haven't heard of this specific error before, I had something similar and needed to re-burn a disk at a very low speed (probably a combination of bad media and old burner). You could test your CD further by "exploring" to the file and dragging it to your desktop. When I had this problem, the "copied" file had a size of 0 Bytes, though the CD reported a full-size file. In any event, I'd have to advise the slow-speed re-burn unless you have a linux distro on the machine and a spare couple of GBs on an unused partition. In that case it is much easier to use linux askmethod to install
from the local partition bypassing the burning of CDs

Good luck!


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