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Re: [HOW] Changing FC3 file system to accept longer file names?

On Thu, 2005-15-09 at 10:39 -0500, Jay Paulson wrote:
> >> I was wondering how do I get the FC3 file system to accept longer file
> >> names?  I have a few files that are X characters long on my Mac OSX
> >> machine and when I move the files over to my FC3 system I get the 
> >> error
> >> of the file being too many characters and to rename it.  The problem 
> >> is
> >> I can't rename these files for whatever reason.  Help!
> >>
> >> Thanks,
> >> jay
> > In addition to the other questions ;
> >
> > What are you using to transfer the files :
> >
> > netatalk - 32 character limit
> > scp
> > ftp
> > samba
> > ...
> >
> > Please provide more information than "X characters long". Unless
> > you are using the Roman Numbering system where X = 10, we can not
> > help you solve an indeterminate variable. If you are not sure
> > which file it is, try some tests and figure out what the maximum
> > file size that will transfer is.
> Sorry for not being very specific about the characters (I didn't know 
> but know now for any future message I send).
> At work they are using netatalk and the file I'm trying to move is 32 
> characters long.
> I can move a file that is 31 characters long without a problem.  Even 
> after I move the file with 31 characters over and add one character to 
> make it 32 characters long I get an error about file name length being 
> too long.  I'm assuming since we are using netatalk that it doesn't 
> have the ability to read files that are longer than 31 characters?  Is 
> there a way to change this? (I don't know anything about netatalk 
> beside the obvious)
> Thanks,
> jay

I am not sure if there is anything you can do about netatalk.

The 32 character limit is built into the prototcol, and was 
also a hard limit on HFS. I believe OSX uses HFS+, but do 
not know why netatalk has not been updated.

Work around :

On the OSX machine use tar to archive all the files you want to 
transfer then transfer the tar file. Of course make sure you do
not name the tar file with more than 32 characters.:-)

After transfering the tar file to the FC machine, extract the 
files using tar.

Good Luck.

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