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Re: "panic: unable to mount root" => need sleep after loading SATA driver in initrd! Should udevstart wait?

Tony Nelson wrote:
At 12:11 AM -0400 9/15/05, Dave Jones wrote:

On Thu, Sep 15, 2005 at 12:01:01AM +0100, Timothy Murphy wrote:

Make sure you have the latest mkinitrd errata installed.
(The 2.6.12 errata kernel actually has it as a dependancy).

I'm sure I can't be the only Fedora user
who finds this reference to "mkinitrd errata" difficult to follow.
It has been explained to me, but I still find the language bizarre.
I assume most people will install Fedora distribution kernels from rpm's.

Most people should be installing them as part of 'yum update'

If that is so, surely it would be easier - and more informative -
to say which rpm you are referring to?

the mkinitrd update is in the mkinitrd rpm. I don't see how I could
have made this more clear, unless I've completely missed your point?

Umm, I have the same problem as Tim with "mkinitrd errata" and "errata
kernel".  I have to suppose that these terms refer to patches to the kernel
stuff, and that they may be provided to us as RPM packages in the Fedora

"errata" simply refers to packages that are in the updates-released repository.


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